April Forms

Testing and Promotions

We provide an educational, safe and fun class for everyone. We offer age and rank appropriate classes. Students must meet minimum requirements for attendance and knowledge of the curriculum before they are able to test.

Belt and Stripe testing and promotion generally takes place the third week of every month in class with the exception of Test Nights. Test Nights take place twice a school year on a Friday evening.  Test Night provides a great opportunity for students to invite friends and family to come and see what they’ve learned and accomplished. Check the school bulletin board and your email for dates and times.

April 2017  S.T.A.R. Theme

Monthly Theme: How can i be a S.T.A.R
Monthly Activity: 
At the beginning of the month each student makes a promise to their parents. At the end of the month student reports on whether the promise was kept. Parents sign form.

Click here for S.T.A.R sheet


April 2017 testing candidates

Students testing for a belt are required to complete an Intent to Promote Form prior to their actual test date to qualify for promotion. All students will test in class the week of April 24th