Karate Programs

Introductory Class Details

Prior to enrolling into the black belt karate program, a student must first qualify. Our introductory program conssits of two private lessons and one classroom lesson with a black belt instructor and an enrollment conference.
These lessons are scheduled by appointment. It is best if both parents can attend; however, only one parent is required to be there. During these lessons the student will learn fundamental curriculum, while parents receive a Welcome Pack containing our curriculum, philosophies, and guidelines.

These lessons serve as a qualification process for enrollment, as well as an informative guide for parents. Fill out the “Get Started Now” tab on the right, and we will contact you within 24 hours to schedule your child’s introductory lessons. 

Little Dragons

This program is specifically designed for 3 + 4 year olds. It is a 8 week progressive program with a 5 to 1 student teacher ratio. Each class incorporates: Uechi style karate forms, focus drills & Games, fun relays incorporating Uechi curriculum, tumbling obstacle course, and the “Pee Wee Promises.”